Kamplin Square

Style period: middle ages

Century: 12 A.D.

The square is bordered by the cathedral on its western side and the Frankopan castle on its southern side. It is supposed that the name Kamplin originates from the Roman word campus – field, which is why it was connected in that sense with the training field of the Roman army. However, it is more likely to conclude that the name of the square derives from the Italian word campanile – bell tower. Also, the tower of the castle on Kamplin can be identified as the original bell tower of the cathedral, built in the 12th century.
In the Middle Ages, this area was the site for knightly competitions of horsemen in throwing lances. The Venetians saw such competitions when they were taking over the island in 1480, so the provveditore Antionio Vinciguerra mentioned them in his reports under the name Palio. In order to strengthen the readiness of the locals for fighting, the tradition continued by holding two tournaments per year. In the past, the public district office and the provveditore’s apartment were situated on Kamplin, which additionally emphasized the importance of the square in the history of the city.


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