Manifestations and events

Do not be surprised by the large number of entertaining and cultural manifestations based on historical tradition and legends, offered in the city of Krk.

Just to remind you, the motto that represents the city is: the city of history and culture. Bearing that in mind, start reading the list of events. Choose which ones you would like to participate in according to your preferences. Have a pleasant and fun time!

Summer events krk

This title reveals a long tradition of organizing cultural events during summer months. It has a respectable tradition lasting fifty-three years! The programme encompasses musical and stage events, classical music concerts, ballets, plays. The performers are all renowned Croatian artists and foreign guests.

Krk fair Lovreńćeva

For three days, this manifestation turns the city of Krk into a stage, where entertaining, cultural and historic events follow one another, accompanied by an abundance of gastronomy and commercial offer. The glorious city of Krk has so far written a large book containing its past. In the far 1524, an event started that has been preserved until today, and has become a valuable synonym foor the encounter of different cultures; a synonym for trade, mutual respect, socializing and firendship! The hosts of the event are the Krk princes Frankopans, just like it was in the Middle Ages. The Krk Fair is a manifestation you can't miss! Therefore, on 8, 9 and 10 August make sure you are in the city of Krk!

I love spring and i love autumn in Krk

It is certainly worth while to come to Krk in the spring or autumn. You will be delighted by the rich programme of events, especially for those who like to be active in nature. You can enjoy recreational bicycle rides, walks in olive groves, manifestations for the fans of the submarine world. If you happen to be in Krk in autumn, do not miss the first week in September, because that is when you can enjoy in the gastro delicacies of the island of Krk at traditional Days of Figs. More about the manifestation on tourist board web site.