The Chapel of St Josip

Style period: renaissance

Century: 17 A.D.

The chapel of St Josip (Joseph) is situated on the main city street (decumanus). Originally the chapel was dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It was mentioned for the first time in 1672. It is very well preserved and it may be assumed it was built during the 17th century, which is indicated by the preserved altar from the same period, the work of an unknown master.
There were several chapels in the Krk city centre, most of which were not preserved until today. The reason lies in the death of their owners and the inability of the heirs to take care of them. Some went to decay after the brotherhoods which took care of them ceased to exist, and especially after Napoleon abolished brotherhoods. Allegedly, the bishops Petar Bembo and the Apostolic Visitor A. Valier decided that chapels in poor condition should be abandoned.
The chapel of St Josip was the only preserved and functional chapel of that type within city walls.


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